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What it takes to run a successful business in Bhojpuri music downloads

The internet has arrived in Bihar's villages, but not electricity.

One hot afternoon on August 31, the youth of Barbhatta village thronged Vikash Telecom Download Centre to get their latest fix of Bhojpuri music. Amresh Kumar, 27, sat behind a desk, working on a computer connected to the internet through a mobile SIM card.

The village of Barbhatta is about 50 km from the main town in Samastipur district in central Bihar. Kumar's store is one-of-its-kind in Barbhatta, where he charges locals Rs 5 to download popular songs, and in a few instances, movie clips of the latest Bhojpuri fare.

Kumar runs multiple businesses – phone recharge, repair, and document laminations. He even oversees his family’s popular wedding band service. Strictly speaking, he is not the only one with a laptop in the village, but the only one who realised there was a market for entertainment. “Everyone likes movies, and they like to watch it at leisure. There is no concept of DVDs here”, he said shyly.

Paralysed from his waist downwards since childhood, he relies mostly on his hands to walk. He said using the computer can be difficult sometimes but this has not stopped him from learning how to use it on his own. “Shauk lag gaya. I really liked it,” he said.

Who are his clients? Unexpectedly, not just youth, but men of all ages visit his shop. When we asked about women, he laughed, “Women don’t usually come here, but I can’t say who else watches at their home, it could be anyone!”

Which songs are the local favourites this week? “How can I say what is the trend this week,” he said, “when customer needs are changing every single day?” For the few asking for movie clips, most prefer HD prints, since these are ‘fresh and clean’, he added.

Then why are the doors to his store shut today? Kumar claimed the uncertainty in his business has to do with poor electricity in the village, which has ultimately affected his business targets. In a month, villagers of Barbhatta face frequent power cuts and shortages, sometimes upto a week at a stretch. No electricity means no laptop charge for Kumar. “The earnings vary, some days I earn only Rs 100, other days, Rs 500 from this business. I don’t know what to expect.”

Kumar has not heard about government initiatives like Digital India, but he had some advice for the government: “Till you solve the problem of electricity, nothing will happen.”

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These GIFs show you what it means to miss breakfast

That monstrous roar is your empty stomach.

Let’s take a glance at your every day morning routine. You crawl out of bed, go for a quick shower, pull out and wear your neatly ironed clothes at the speed of light and then rush out of the house, making sure you have your keys and wallet in place.


You walk into office, relieved because you have made it to work on time. Stifling yawns and checking emails, you wonder how your colleagues are charged up and buzzing with energy. “What is wrong with these people” you mumble to yourself.


Slowly, you start to change. You start snapping at colleagues and start arguing with your computer. You take out your frustration on anything or anyone in sight.

To add to the aggressive behaviour, you’ve completely lost your focus. After some time, you simply forget what you were doing.


Unable to bear the hunger pangs, you go for a mid-morning snack. It is only when a colleague asks you for a bite do you realize that you have developed into a fully formed, hunger fueled, monster. Try not to look at yourself in the mirror.


If only you had spared not even twenty or ten but just 5 minutes in the morning and not skipped breakfast, your story would look completely different - as you will see in this video.


The fast dip in your mood and lack of focus is because your body has missed its most important meal of the day – breakfast. Research has shown that skipping a meal, especially in the morning, worsens the mood because there is a drop in the blood sugar. This in turn affects the levels of serotonin and dopamine, the chemicals produced in the brain that control our moods and feelings. In simpler English, not having breakfast is going to make you really cranky and confused!

Morning is also when the body needs maximum nutrition to function efficiently through the day as you’ve just woken up from a full 7 hours of no food (and if you’re sleeping less than that, that’s a whole other article).

So in short, having a breakfast could make you go from looking like the earlier GIFs to this:


But with changing lifestyles and most people hard pressed for time, a healthy breakfast is taking the backseat. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. MTR has come up with a range of widely loved Indian delicacies like Poha, Upma and Halwa which can be made in (hold you breath) just 3 minutes! All you have to do is add hot water and wait for 3 minutes to get a delicious and filling breakfast.


These amazing and delicious breakfasts can be made in a jiffy and consumed with the least hassle, even in the midst of your frenetic morning routine. So grab your #MTRbreakfastin3 to start the day on an awesome note.

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