So the Rohtak sisters also beat up another set of boys a month ago in a public park. On Friday the two girls, Pooja and Aarti Kumar, had thrashed three boys for harassing them in a public bus. Since the second video emerged on Tuesday, the media has gone berserk over the new "twist", "the latest controversy".

How come the second beating was also recorded? Why did the videos not show the context of the fights, in other words, why did they not show how the girls were harassed to justify the beatings that followed?

Just five points.

First, we live in an age where taking selfies with pouts  and your new lamp is normal. So  should a video recording of two girls in a two tier city like Rohtak bashing up men seem abnormal?

Second, why are men allowed to harass women by leching, whistling, blowing kisses, groping and stalking, but when two young girls thrash their attackers twice and video record it, they are accused of raking up a controversy.

Third, why are the biraadari panchayats not being questioned for putting pressure on the girls to withdraw the case?

Two days ago, the father of the girl clearly informed the media that there was pressure on the girls from the biraadari panchayat from Kansla village in Rohtak, where the attackers lived. The panchayat even issued an ultimatum to the administration to release the three boys within 24 hours, claiming that they had been falsely implicated.

Fourth, why are these girls serial eve-teaser thrashers? We should be thrilled that they are. In fact, women in white collar jobs should also put their chappals to use in the absence of any action against the male colleagues who lech at them day in and day out, despite complaints to the HR department. And yes, please record videos of this.

It bears repeating that sexual harassment of women in public spaces is an everyday reality. In the absence of an institutionalised fight against misogyny, take law in their hands, create chaos, pick up their chappals or use their legs and hands to teach their harassers a lesson. I only wonder why the political parties who put ‘self defence classes for women’ in their election manifestoes are not happy. If you sow seeds of mob justice instead of state justice, better be cool with the ramifications.

And last, do a Google search to find the number of Indian videos online, where women are thrashing their molesters publicly. After watching ten videos, you will find no controversy. Here is the link.