A look back at the past six days.

In charts: What Asian countries think of Narendra Modi and India

Despite his globetrotting, Modi's popularity in the Asia-Pacific region is underwhelming. Find out more here.

This Indian child deserves your attention as much as the Syrian boy

The truth is that we are numb to the tragedies around us. Read the article here.

How a cheap Indian whiskey beat Smirnoff to become the world’s largest spirits brand

After a three-decade-long rocky journey, Kishore Chhabria has reached a peak of success, becoming India's newest liquor baron. Read the article here.

How a Mughal-inspired court verdict allows cities to ban meat during Jain festival

Mira-Bhayander city in Maharashtra is on the verge of imposing a closure of slaughter houses and meat shops during the eight-day Jain festival of Paryushan this month. Find out more here.

The many reasons why Hardik Patel and other haters of reservations are wrong

Quotas are poorly understood by many in India, including those who are lining up for them. Read the article here.

By basing asylum policy on religion, Modi government has set a dangerous precedent

The Centre has marked out Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Parsi and Buddhist refugess for special treatment allowing them to stay in India even without any visas. Find out more here.