With Doing Your Bit, we want to establish a platform where individuals and organisations, from all over the country, are showcased for their purposeful and innovative solutions towards sustainability. As Doing Your Bit returns for a second season, we want to continue to feature such endeavours. The first season saw many inspiring from across the country of eco-heroes and warriors doing their best to make their community greener and more sustainable.

The second chapter of Doing Your Bit invites storytellers to capture and present a story of change that they’ve been a part of or have been witness to, through a video. The initiative aims to curate videos that offer diverse perspectives and innovative solutions. Participants can share video stories illustrating their contribution in making their community more sustainable.

The theme for this season is — Innovations for A Better Tomorrow. The theme covers topics such as:

+ Sustainable farming practices

+ Garbage disposal & waste management

+ Controlling/managing smog

+ Green buildings/infrastructure etc.

The contest will reward the winners with 2 prizes, the Jury Award with a cash prize of Rs. 1,50,000 and a Popular Choice with a cash prize of Rs. 50,000. The popular choice winner will be decided by the entry that gets maximum engagement on the Eco India Community on Facebook.

The last day for submissions is 10th July.

Here are a few participation guidelines and details:


Every entry must conform to the below rules:

  1. Every video will have to be uploaded to the Eco India Facebook community - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ecoindia/. You can also share your entries with us doingyourbit@scroll.in.
  2. The video should be made in high-resolution.
  3. The video should capture the issue being addressed, followed by its solution.
  4. The submitted video must have - 10 seconds of black before the title, name of the participants, the title of the film, theme under which the film lies, City and the credits
  5. Additional images, graphics or material used to enhance the film should be royalty-free content.
  6. Language / Subtitles
    Participants can make the film in any language of their choice provided the film has English subtitles. Subtitles are compulsory for the uploaded version of the films.
  7. Music
    Participants must use only royalty free music for the film to avoid any copyright issues.
  8. Film Duration
    Each finished video should no more than 5 minutes in total duration, including titles and credits.

We will reach out to the shortlisted candidates for the next steps. You can reach out to us on doingyourbit@scroll.in for any questions that you may have.