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Madhushekar Mittemari

Sir, while agree with the spirit of your article, I will believe it only when I see action from RSS. One simple announcement from Bhagwat that RSS will not support or intimate any action on the rumblings on Kashi and Mathura mosques issues. If Bhagwat was really into syncretic culture and believes in the unity of India and India for all, then he should have initiated and taken a front on role for negotiating a settlement for Ayodhya. A grand temple and an equally beautiful mosque would have spoken volume on the unity instead of these lame words by a man who has all the power without accountability. Without asking anything of Muslims the Majority community should make the first steps towards building a peaceful society. You do that and the Muslim community will come hundred steps towards the Hindu society. Can Bhagwat reign in Modi, Shah, Bisht etal else all this will be hypocrisy and empty rhetoric. I clear don't want our next generations to grow up with distrust and hatred.