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Renu Rastogi

As middle class retired persons, we are well off, compared to most . However we had a talk with a high placed bank officer, who says that the BJP start programmes with a lot of fanfare , then do not set up infrastructure to carry through. He needs professionals to guide him but has put a lot of power in the PMO . He said that most new banking regulations have been a failure including demonetization. What good does pride in our ancient culture do ? lets talk about NOW. And his militia of Bajrang Dal and jailing of activists on false charges is just disgraceful.

Rao Duvvuri

As enumerated by you, he brought in three far reaching changes not only in j,k&l, caa, farm laws, but also ladakh and other border roads and infrastructure, procuring defence equipments, revamping armed forces, defence r&d, Varanasi development, ayodhya, central vista development, fighting covid, feeding millions in need because of job losses, development of vaccines, international diplomacy - he is implenenting his agenda. He has woken up our national identity and pride. As sushma swaraj said we can take pride in our vedic culture and contribution to the world community - afterall bible and kuran are alien contributions brought to india. He completed just two years+. People are not getting any confidence from our fragmented opposition regarding their capability to provide an alternative in 2024. If opposition parties and you are not happy - you are in minority. Accept majority decision - that is democracy.

Achuta Goteti

Modi has always been talk and no walk. Too much of importance to crony capitalists will result in this. Bjp under modi was never bothered about common man and their priorities have always been privatize everything and help a few crony people who are close to them.


Unable as he has lied to the people domestically as well as internationally and now as a Merchant of death hiding his true face and colours

Rahul raturi

Indian media always been biased either in the support of govt or against ! Don't be blind if you hate someone that's okey but don't forget it's precious works !