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Jaipat Jain

Thank you Ram Chandra Guha for flagging this scandal. The ashram should be preserved for posterity. Rather than altered in any which way.

Gunvinder Singh

What Modi decides, Modi decrees!! This, I think, sums up the present regime's (and I use the word regime deliberately here, though it may have a negative connotation) propensity towards what is left of India's secularity, as espoused by Mahatma Gandhi. Mr. Guha's assessment of the present establishment's majoritarianism has been spot on , as usual, and the attempt to usurp the Mahatma's legacy by Mr. Modi clearly shows his and his party's trepidation. Inviting foreign dignitaries to Sabarmati Ashram and showing them around will not serve any purpose. Donald Trump, a celebrated visitor to the Ashram and a purported close friend of Mr. Modi, is no longer in office of the most powerful country in the world. (I am most doubtful if Mr. Modi might have even called him to find out about his health and well-being). The lesser said about Xi Jinping, the Chinese premier, the better. Mr. Modi's expansive approach towards China and overlooking the dragon's transgressions on various fronts have created a situation whereby India's position vis-à-vis China is virtually non-existent. Be it the Ladakh standoff or the news that China's PLA is busy buttressing its position along the border with India, nothing seems to shake this regime into action. The economic situation of India is in shambles, for which the current government does not seem to have any action plan. Time, though, will tell....

Guru Karkera

Mr. Guha who is not using Mahatma Gandhi's name. Indira, Rajiv, Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka are they all Gandhis, they are not. So why pick on Mr. Modi, who has the guts to make this divided country into One powerful Nation by mean of One Nation One Law...

praful popat

If the writer is so much worried about India and Indians, he must take a leaf out of Delhi CM Mr Kejarival who did not just stop criticizing govt policies but proved his mettle by going among the people and elected as Delhi CM twice. Hats off to him. We must encourage the people who believe in working on the ground rather than sitting in an armchair, criticize and advise others. One must see the motive behind a work even though the outcome may not be as envisaged.

Ajit Kumar

Gandhi was a prime motivator of the Malabar Genocide, Noakhali and Calcutta Riots and was equally responsible for the Partition Killings. Guha almater party Congress was responsible among many others but especially for the Delhi Sikh Pogrom. Narendra Modi was falsely implicated in 1982 Riots and was given a clean chot by none else than the Supreme Court under the Gandhi regime. So this is another classic example of Atrocity literature of a Arsonist Socilaist.

praful popat

It is a walk in the park to sit in a chair and preach whole world. It is extremely hard to manage 1.3 billion of population with poverty, in education, different languages, cultures and different religions. If someone is dissatisfied with PM's working, why he doesn't get elected and be PM and rule the country? It is irony of the country that we have a load of advisers but hardly hard worker. One more such free adviser is one of former RBI governor who never miss a single chance to pull up govt's economic polices. If he was so much worried about India and Indians, why he fledged from India and leaving a comfortable life in the US? Dude, comeback and serve your motheland.

Nachiappan Subbu

Wish RG reads the views of Dr.BR Ambedkar of MGK (Gandhi) and then come out with his biased opinions.. He can't record his lopsided views of the PM of the country.. He has chosen to render distorted versions of the happenings then ! Absolutely a ruthless and misconstrued interpretation !?

Rao Duvvuri

Gandhi was a great leader when we were week and colonized for 1000 years. Gandhi will be needed when we get colonized and destroyed again. Nehru understood through his discovery of india that we need to be militarily strong to survive through science, technology and creativity. Indira gandhi restored some confidence in our abilities. Narasimharao changed the direction from socialism to capitalism to develop the economic backbone for the country. Modi ji breathed in some pride in our culture. Subservient relics of our society do not like to take pride in our identity and culture. We stand on our identity of vedas, literature, maths, science technology medicine economics international trade, tolerance and diplomacy - hinduism. Can india take pride in the world for bible, kuran or vedas and upanishads ? Ramachandran Guhaji - relics will be consigned to dust bin of history.

Kamal Gupta

So his writings and him. The man teaches and espouse a distorted history, which suits his BJP bashing. Interestingly, he has problem with Gujaratis but comfort with Italian and their falsehood of being Gandhis. Why he remained silent when the Congress leadership chose to continue using Congress as party in defiance to the order/ advice of MK Gandhi who wanted a new political outfit to rule the country. Not a shred of dissent when MMS, the PM, infamous assertion " Muslims have the first right on the resources of the country" as tutored by the super PM. Why not equal rights of all? Country is tired of listening or reading the trash of such Historians as Guha and rebuttal it with counter narrative.

Roshanraj Anand

Rss has adopted many uncle's as it's father Two gujratis Patel and Gandhi their near and dear one. The reason is simple though rss shared the view of eliminating Gandhi his deciples were not interested in fighting the saffron viruses on the contarary they infected the congress for which the Jawaharlal s great grand son is fighting within congress .I don't agree with the view that sabarmathi should not be developed Chang is inevitable according to times .

Mudit Jain

Very true. There is no need for a makeover. The ashram is an eg of simple living, high thinking and neat and clean.

Sanjay Tandon

Ram Chandra Guha is a Congress spokesperson. He has an anti Modi agenda. Does he forget Sikh genocide of 1984 by Congress which was defended by Rajiv Gandhi. Modi has not defended Gujarat Riot. Congress has not agreed to Gandhi's suggestion of disbanding Congress so that they can continue to befool public in the name of freedom fighters. Congress has not followed Gandhi's idea of Gram Swarajya but still Guha loves Congress. People like Guha have reduced historians to sycophants.


Mr Guha, pl tell me how many in this land have the mind and intellect to pick up your revelations and message. Others are glued to the image so dexterously created with the help of shameless state institutions. Lack of true education among the mass is also coming as a great barrier.

A S Dasan

Reading Guha's write ups is always informative, educative, sensitizing, and thought-provoking. His critique of the current regime engrossed in self-adulation of one man with the help of an oligarchic coterie around him is based on facts, historical background, and honest indignation. The larger issue is how long we are condemned to endure the falsehood and illusions prevailing in the name of majoritarian vote counts garnered by anything other than ahimsa. The contrast articulated by Guha reminds me of T.S.Eliot's 'The Wasteland'. With the so-called revamp aimed at, is the current regime reducing the Ahimsa-filled-spirit of Sabarimathi Ashram into a forgotten myth? We, the people, will have to answer as soon as we can. Collectively if we can. A.S.Dasan

Bibekananda Mishra

We know whatever we should know about Modiji. We believe he is a gift to this nation from God. But we don't know much about Ramchandra Guha who wrote Indian History to appease the people in power in the post independence period. In return how much wealth he collected, how much money power he enjoyed we don't know. Yes now we come to know that he destroyed 5000 yrs of Indian History which would have made many generations proud on their heritage.

Dev Gupta

Finally an Excellent article by Rama. Is it just a coincidence that Adolf Hitler too had his favorite architect, Albert Speer, his very own Bimal Patel ? Next Guha needs to visit and report on the Snake Pit itself. By that I mean Nagpur, the origin of the culture of hatred and medievalism spread by Hindutva.

Hashim Padiyath

One by one he is dismantling all that we hold dear, for worse than better, to rewrite history and leave his mark on the nation. Hey Ram!

mohammed rafi

His prospects goes along with Lies