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Achuta Goteti

Bjp under modi and shah has always tried to destabilise democracy. Bjp is now a threat to india and it's democracy. It is earlier the better to get rid of this govt.

santosh banerjee

As told by our learned Chief Justice of India that an axe given to the wood cutter for catting a tree only and he destroyed all the trees of the jungle. This is the case similar to the sayings of CJs regarding this spying device ! If at all, we have to believe that a surveillance mechanism is necessary there for safety and security of the nation, that does not justify that person in opposition to the govt's ideology and thoughts are to be spied, phone hacked, computer screened etc. This is against the very ethics of smooth democratic system of our country as well as encroaching the private life of a person !!! Hegemony over the thinking and opinion of others are nothing but fascist outlook of a govt. and that is happening here in India!!!