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Aman Taker

Agar aaj jio na hota toh ek to gav tak internet nahi pahuch pata aur dusra prizes would have been sky high ! #Thankyou Jio

Anil Sabaji

Today India could afford work from home, distance education, evolution of UPIs, ease of doing business etc only because of cheap data. All credit goes to reliance Jio which made it possible. We have not forgotten the days when these telecom operators such as Airtel, Voda, BSNL etc were robbing us with data @₹1000 /GB.

Senthil N

Yeah, monopoly is bad, but why haven't you thought that, all these years, these companies like Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, etc when could have given us data for very cheap. ,they didn't. JIO rose to being market leader, because others weren't competitive or at least wanting to be competitive.Now all of a sudden they too want to give users data at reduced rates, eh?

Anirban Hrishikes Biswas

225 Rs.for 1 Gb.Where did this money go?

Senthil Kumar

change is the only thing permanent in this world. Telecom operators conveniently forgot these golden words. Airtel, Idea, &Vodafone knew of Jio's entry into World of telecom. All the 3 companies had 4 years of time to set their house in order but there complacent or they had no money to invest. Telecom operations was fuelled more by debt than by capital infusion. Jio invested a lot of money thanthe 3 put together. Now they are facing the music of their action