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Subhash Garg

The BJP came to power because Hindus got tired of being second-class citizens in their own millennia-old homeland. JP had nothing to do with it. The Congress is paying for its arrogance, and BJP is delivering good governance. Voters aren't as stupid as the big shots like to assume.

Amit Ray

RSS is not a communal organisation, those who call it communal like what Imran khan had said, are themselves communal. RSS is a boon to hindus and its absolutely necessary for the hindus to have this organization. Hindu Kush mountains were formed by the dead bodies of eighty million hindus who were slaughtered by the Islamists. Several millions more were slaughtered in small kingdoms by the Muslim invaders. Now false narratives are dished out in various papers glorifying Islam and their backers and throwing mud on hindu organization in the name of secularism. Shame

Dr. Carmo Costa-Viegas

The RSS is very secular.It is unfortunate that individuals sometimes nurture wrong ideals which give the entire organization a bad name.It should never have been banned.

Sharad Pandey

The unity which the writer talks about were existent then there would have been no partition