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Rajesh Mehta

Bad technology can be fixed, but using technology itself with a clear purpose can't be criticized, even if it costs money. It is not clear if the primary reason of resistance to use is because the users are scared of being monitored and held accountable!

Dr Arun Gupta

Wonderful analysis of a failed strategy pushed by Gates and likes . Time to change and reframing the fight for elimination of malnutrition in india . Bold decisions as the government claims can take could make a huge difference to lives of children and health care workers. One government sets aside a Fund for this work and second shift the whole child under three work to MOH. Pay minimum wages to workers with dignity. Appointment and empowering of new teams at block level to ensure adequate breastfeeding, physically monitoring growth and assess diet patterns, fix with adequate diverse foods, can turn the tide on malnutrition. All this is doable if there is will. Lastly and more importantly Get rid of Gates Foundation from it . Spend tax payers money and be accountable.