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Maheshwar Vr

Indian constitution has been mauled and beaten round by vested interests repeatedly. Mediocrity is encouraged in the name reservations. Duties and rights should be linked clearly.

Subhash Garg

Modi said that duties must ALSO be mentioned when one talks about rights. He never said that rights are CONDITIONAL UPON observance of duties, or that people who don't abide by their duties lose their rights. The author invented that part. My advice to him is simple: chill. There's no fire for you to put out.


First we should know what are those fundamental rights enshrined in Constitution. But our respected PM says to get these rights you have some duties to perform. A citizen's duties are also written, just like respect national flag, national anthem etc. What other duties he is talking about? If you do not do those duties your right to speech, equality and other rights will fail!

Nirav Shah

Then take out the Secular and Socialist words surreptitiously inserted in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution, which too was not in the framework when the Constitution was drafted and concluded. In fact, the inclusion was debated upon and it was well settled that the word Secular will be kept out of the Constitution. Then what was need and the urgency to shove it in the Constitution that too when all of the Opposition was behind bars (Emergency Period). It was clearly a Trojan Horse pushed in under Soviet influence which the Opposition then could dare oppose. Therefore, out of sheer cowardice of all of the politicians and political parties then it was not touched only to be then to be misused by the Congress and the Left as it's apparent 'Brahmastra' to oppose any cultural revivalism which could take place in the future.

Ashutosh Phadke

Fundamental rights can never be taken away, regardless of whether one performs the fundamental duties - THAT is what the Constitution says. Just as citizens are supposed to perform their 'duties', the Government is also supposed to follow the constitution. If you read the fundamental duties, the first is 'respect for the constitution', three others are 'preserve composite culture', 'spirit of common brotherhood', and 'develop scientific temper'. Modi's own statements and actions and the actions of his government go against these above fundamental duties. Modi should practice what he preaches. By this statement, it is clear that the he and his Govt is trying to curtail fundamental rights giving the excuse that first fulfill your future, then demand rights. We must guard against that, at all times. Our rights are unconditional.

Kvs Sarma

If constitution does not support, it needs to be changed. There can't be any free lunches.