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Srinivasan N. Iyer

This young ambitious “leader” of the ruling party creates such divisive tactics to get public and his party’s attention. Diwali is celebrated in various ways.Basically it is celebrate as a victory of good over evil, as lightover darkness. In many other other parts of the country the trading and business population celebrate it as a new year. The most important feature is people of all communities celebrate the Day. In countries outside our own, Presidents or Prime Ministers wish ALL Indians on this day. It is a pity that Fabindia decided to withdraw their Ad. They have since it’s inception in 1970s and now run by the son of the founder have promoted Indian products made by artisans from all religions spread over the country. Tourists have been big buyers which earns foreign exchange. The Central Govt have cleared all bottlenecks in travel to bring more tourists to the country. Does this young ‘ leader’ how seriously he is working against the intereSts of the country?

Harminder Singh Chandwan

He is lucky to be in India or would have been convicted in any other country to incite violence and Hatered in country against own fellow citizens.

Achuta Goteti

Very unfortunate to have people like surya in our parliament. Bjp is desperately trying for some sort of controversy before UP elections so that they can as usual make it hindu muslim issue. Kulkarnis article should be an eye opener for many of these bhakta but I don't think . Hindus were never in trouble during various invasions by mughals, Persians or british but suddenly since last seven years hindus seem to be in trouble.

George Jacob

I shall buy Fabindia garments only on this festive occassion

Ramesh manayil

Mr.Kulkarni should spend sometime in Bangladesh, a country for whose freedom thousands of Indian soldiers made Supreme sacrifice. Everything is forgotten today and hindus are being butchered there.It is this nature of abrahamic religions that resulted in todays hindu unity. You are arguing from fallacious premises bringing in irrelevant happenings in Yugoslavia.

Saptarshi Ray

If you talk of Hinduism, you should know to differentiate who is an Aryaputra, and who is a Mlechhaputra. How do you differentiate? Only through behavior.

Venkata K

Diwali is celebrated since ages , why compare it with Independence day celebration or something else which are different. Instead of supporting FabIndia or others who come up with these kind of things that hurt the sentiments of Hindus or some other religions just think is there a need to come up with something else instead of simply using the words Diwali or Dussehera. Few days back some students made fun of Ramayan , why don't they think and comeup with somethings meaningful/useful, why target Ramayan/Mahabharta, can they do similar to things with other religions/gods/characters- no, some one will immediately issue a fatwa or so many other things will happen.

Nasir Yousuf

Very good eye opening article based on facts Love you for being truthful. Expose these fascist Hindutva criminals Keep up your good work against these terrorists in the garb of politicians

Manohar N

So true! A very good rebuttal of this juvenile tantrums! I hope the spoiled kid learns his lesson from this article.


I feel sorry for sudheendra kulkarni. He is not able to understand how slowly and surreptitiously the minority religions are entering into hindu religious sentiments. Now it is through fabric advertisement also. Cultural diversity, tolerance, etc etc are rubbish words spoken by neo-secular people who always get paid by the foreign organisations who are very particular in spreading their religion. Just like any help done to Cobra is always not reciprocated, any consideration shown to minorities in India is waste. They will not stop conversion or jihadis. You can be just considerate but not kind to wild and cruel. To quote from Mahabharata, unwanted and undeserving kindness shown by yudhishtira towards jayadhradha proved to be very demanding to pandavas. It is time for all Hindus not to be nro-liberal but safeguard our culture and religion.