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Roshanraj Anand

Make no sense in crying for democracy.the essence of democracy is government by,of and for the people.So the people got the government they deserve. Wise get wise ,fools get foolish.the government depends on what type of people are the electorate.

Gurinder Singh

Enactment of Farm laws and inability of modi government to resolve Farmers agitation smacks arrogance. In the long run this will not only harm the agricultural economy of the nation but also should be the undoing of this government

Vishwas Patankar

Excellent synopsis of all that is wrong with the ruling dispensation. My take is that the excesses of the Modi government will be the reasons for his limited stay in power till 2024, not beyond. Certainly not as a majority. And this regime with its set of megalomaniacs is not geared to tolerate a coalition. That has been evidenced from the jettisoning of most of its allies, some from developing ideological variances, others from outright lack of tolerance. Either ways, the BJP is on its own now, quite identical to the arrogant Congress in Indira Gandhi's times. I find Prashant Kishore's prophetic words specious. A regime that has brought so much turmoil and discontent to the indigenous people, whose leader seeks so much legitimacy from the international world, is essentially a on weak grounds organically. To say that such a regime will rule for decades is a fault line in itself.