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Tanwir Shihab

Love for country, its civilizations and achievements when based on scientific principles of validation is quite welcome. But merely hyping mythological things as true historical facts which have no corresponding verification form other contemporary factual sources will do no favours to our quest for situating India's culture to many thousands years back than established by archeological, literary and oral supporting materials.

suresh srinivasaparthasarathy

If muslim says that was muslim god and Koran is supreme our secularists will approve. They will agree with christians when then Jesus is god. But they will not accept is we say Rama and Krishna are our god. We had so many saints who has given many things like zero etc. There many things to prove the Ramayana pictures are existing but our secularists and opposition will not agree because they will loose minority vote. Whatever China says communists will agree. Congress talks India's border problem and chinese aggression but had no qualms in receiving funds from chinese communist party Rajiv foundation or some other things. Today Kerala Government has given a muslim organisation to prepare prasad for Ayyappa temple but will they do the same for church and mosque institutions. In Thirupthi temple christian people are appointed as trustees and policemen in side the temple. Can the jagan will do christian church

Rao Duvvuri

What do you expect - Indians should believe the history as told by invaders? What about the voluminous literature created in sanskrit and Indian languages, the music, dance, sculptures, etc? Do you think a society which is not evolved can produce such a huge culture? Why there is no equivalent European literature which dates back before Christian Era? Can you stop people looking for their identity on the world? Be sensible in criticism.