I think SCROLL belongs to communist, Anti-Indian groups. They wants the country to burn all the time. So they can make money.

Babu sur

I just dont understand what is they muslims are upto they want the illegal migrants to be given citizen ship or they want to show that they can challange anything that they feel is harming their interest (illegal) they must be shown the door to pak if the are not interested in indian constitution the law passed by the indian parliment must be followed and accepted just by showing the enblock mass strength they cannot prove that the lawCAA is wrong if I say If the majority of indians start showing their strength by what will happen thethese muslims so please do not instigate the majority as this act dose not have any thing adverse to indian citizen be it hindi / muslim etc

ico matters

Bravo!! Keep it up. So proud of India’s freedom loving people.

Venkata K

The author should interview or talk to those who are protesting to know why they are protesting, hardly any one knows about CAA, NPR, NRC, they are just joining protests because some one asked them to join, they know little or nothing about CAA. Some are just protesting because they are anti Modi, anti BJP, u happy with Triple talak, unhappy with Ram janmabhhomi verdict, this is what they say when asked about a valid reason for why they are protesting.

Vaishak Muralidharan

Wow. Apparently clips of a few inarticulate people is sufficient for you to discredit the protests. Let's make one thing clear, the same thing can be done for people attending rallies held in favour of the Act. An equal proportion of people are going to fail to come up with coherent arguments. Maybe the Act is difficult for you to comprehend. It is but a few odd pages. I'm openly challenging you to debate.

hari venkat


Sahil Wadhwani

When the Center itself (I'm talking about Modi and Shah are confused to the very core.....for example Modi:- anyone whose parents are born before 1987 are bonafide Indians Shah:- 1971 that is the deadline every "Moron" has to produce papers that are prior to that Also, Modi:- there ain't no detention center in India Shah:- 6 detention centers are located and are fully functional by the govt. Also, Modi:- No mention of CAA and NRC in the center as of now Shah:-CAA's outer structure has been formed now the only thing left is notify the states If this ain't fuckery I don't know what is

Mr. Bhakth

1. Modi: as per citizenship act he is correct. Shah: he is talking about Assam NRC 2. Modi: he words should.be taken in context of pan india NRC. And detention centers are not just for housing illegal people but also convicted foreigners. Shah: Detention centers as per Assam accords and were started during Congress government. 3. Modi: CAA applicable to all. Nation wide NRC bill not yet drafted. He is correct Shah: iam not sure from where u got this information. Outer structure Is not enough for implementation. As of now it will benefit around 33k refugees. Assam NRC was mandated as per assam accords signed by rajiv Gandhi in 83. Even after passage of citizenship amendment act 2003, no progress was made to identify illegal immigrants hence supreme court took the responsibility and assam NRC is done under purview of honourable supreme court. Nation wide NRC is also.mandated by amendment act 2003. Though india chose to remain secular, it is an undeniable fact that it was divided on religious line. The minorities there are massacred and tortured, but we are not bothered by their plight and are fighting to not pass the bill which would help the persecuted. It is for 6 religious persecuted groups but is viewed as hindu only bill. Also they have been gives a respite of only 5 years with cut off date dec 2014. To think tha No oe can take away the citizenship of Indian Muslims even if there is a nationwide NRC. Only illegal people will be identified and sent to refugee camps.

Venkata K

Give some valid reasons or doubts you have and if you know why people are protesting., don't simply use words like discriminatory, excluding Muslims from these 3 countries, people will be asked to show documents etc .