Ramana Gove

It is indeed a myth buster as there are so many misconceptions/apprehensions about the physical activity.With beauty and health consciousness gaining momentum, there is every need to have the relevant knowledge on this subject.Indisputably, walking, climbing stairs,bicycling,skipping,shuttle etc are some of the many exercises that invigorate one physically and mentally.Also exercise is said to play a key role in increasing the insulin sensitivity and is a part of treatment for diabetics along with drugs and diet.Though the kind of exercise one needs and can endure may vary with age, condition of health,stamina etc,the complete protocol may be obtained from the doctor concerned.A knowledge of the number of calories burnt with duration and type of various exercises would prompt more to come forward especially for those experiencing obesity and undergoing treatment for diabetes, etc.Greater promotion of awareness among people of all age groups on these aspects, perhaps to a greater extent in developing countries, along with the knowledge of BMI etc would be an added advantage to reap the optimum benefits.