Ramana Gove

The concept of victory in modern wars is indeed a myth, unless it is looked at from the perspective of the mass murder and mayhem created and the economic and political losses incurred by the enemy.With nuclear arsenals piled up and with potential capabilities to obliterate countries at the click of a button,going for war would be an act of insanity.In a world we live in, when economies and essentials too are interlinked, the word war carries little meaning except that it causes more misery to the innocent citizens, and the only victory may be political, that too, ephemeral and wanes down when the consequences start unfolding right from the standards of living of the citizens to the strategic position of the nation in the world.Once this realisation dawns on the minds, the political victory too suffers a U turn reaching a trough of equal size as that of the crest,the victory might have brought in.War once initiated in a corner of the world, has little possibility of confining to the epicentre without transmitting intense tremors across the globe that can create catastrophic cleavages. I conclude my comment with a brief quote that lets many think twice before succumbing to the whims and fancies of military aggression in an already chaotic world. "War does not determine who is right -only who is left" - Bertrand Russell( Nobel laureate - BritishPhilosopher,logician,mathematician, political activist,writer...)