Ramana Gove

A rational perception and a logical extrapolation of the events and movements suggests that whatever is predicted by the writer is likely to be the outcome.The way the unrest is unleashed across the globe driven by bigotry or authoritarianism or economic pell-mell or rising inequalities in wealth or catastrophic climate changes such as floods and droughts projects a stormy scenario.However,as expressed, innovations in technology may come to the rescue of the mankind to a great extent, be it by breakthroughs in medicine or agriculture or industry, with an already proven roe of a trendsetter exhibited by AI in all these fields.But as a good physician once commented “it is not the machine but the man behind the machine is what is important” ( while interpreting a chest X-Ray), the enhanced fruits must reach the needy from the greedy wherein the human touch is vital.There is one more source of rescue-the intellectual awareness driving an enlightened perspective leading to a collective global well being, but that needs waking up from hibernation.