Rabindra Nath Roy

It is as simple as that the hatred towards a community drives the ruling group in India. India's Prime Minister and Home Minister are giving fabricated and unfounded statements in regard to the laws that they have been pursuing to establish a Hindu Rashtra. Bangladesh came into existence due to repression of Pakistan and India came by the side of Muzibar Rahman who led the freedom struggle. That there are two sets of political establishment in Bangladesh one is led by sk Hasina who are the proponent of secular Bangladesh and another is backed by fundamentalists, who are active anti-India proponents. Now in view of India spreading hatred towards Muslims and practicing persecution, it has only emboldened the hands of fundamentalists backed by Pakistan while weakening hands of present regime. It is only a matter of time that in coming elecftions in Bangladesh Sk Hasina would lose the power and India will have the friend turned foe. India's democratic institutions are weakening and the constitutional provisions under threat. Political opposition is non existent and the protest is basically led by civil society not so much as it is by youth and students. Unfortunately, the agenda of making India a 'Hindu Rashtra' of present regime led by RSS suits this geographical political situation and inevitable chaos in the region.

Sunil Gupta

As much as I support religious discrimination I feel CAA atleast is being portrayed by Opposition and Human rights groups in bad light and being politicised for their own agendas. It is only right that minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh as they have a history of being persecuted on religious grounds, of being protected by India. Not just that, it is an absurd argument to allow people from these regions to come and settle in India due to security reasons. Another reason to stop this infiltration is that Indians below poverty line being served by the government for upliftment are being deprived by the infiltrators. This is not being supported by the opposition so that the present government can then be blamed for its failed policies on the BPL population. These falsities should be exposed to the common man and see the harm being done to the BPL population. I'm not saying that BJP should not be kept under watch for their agenda against the Muslims. We do not want a religious divide to tear the nation further apart. It is upon the citizen to see through all this politics and hard lining of both the government and the opposition and decide what serves the nation best. We have to rise to the occasion and do the right thing by not opposing the right issues.

Umesh Verma

CAA & NRC are good for future India . If it is not controlled after 2030 big problems will be started between two religion . Now Ghuspaithya started to return their country as they know that Congress Party can not survive them because Congress is struggling for their own survival .

Sam Heit

Bangladeshis talk a good human rights game but many of them are stone cold killers. In 1971, 800,000 Bengali Hindus were massacred in BDesh along with 1 million Biharis. Hindus in BDesh live lives of unudulterated fear. From 20% in 1960, they have plummeted to 7% today. Despite this Hindu genocide, 3 crore Illegal immigrants from BDesh have became citizens of India.