Arun Raghav

This whole article is nothing but a pure shit and venom against BJP, Modi and Hindus. When these idiot journalists talk about secularism, they need to remember and understand that India is secular only because of Hindus who are in majority. If the Muslims have been in majority, India would be an Islamic country like Pakistan, Bangladesh and others where people of other faiths are not respected and given protection leave alone rights. As for government winning in courts, do these fake journalists want to say that even judiciary is so biased and a mere puppet in Modi government? Shame on you idiots, learn to respect the mandate of people and present your silly and illogical arguments or evidence in courts to get the verdict in your favour instead of just talking about shit all the time..

ico matters

I’m afraid it’s going to get much worse before it gets better. In a culturally and linguistically diverse state like India, the only way to thrive is to live and let live under the rule of law. Otherwise we will see another dismemberment of the country. Nobody is going to go anywhere- we all HAVE to live together so might as well live peacefully as intended in our Constitution.

rohan .

Hiring an army for a war is too expensive for a country. Hiring Terrorists will cost peanuts. So, the Third World war will not be fought on the battle fields by armies of the countries. Rest assured, ther will not be any "Third World War"

Ashish Rai

Muslim Voice?? Extremist voice where muslims have shown their true face. But Scroll like media cannot see this. Because u people are 10 Janpath Darbari