Shefali Tripathi Mehta

An eye-opening, important book that everyone must read to know that all is not doom and gloom in the government school system. There are extraordinary teachers doing exemplary work, their motivation just to help these children learn and have a better chance at life.

Ramana Gove

I understand the sincere soul searching and struggle experienced by the teachers mentioned for better equipping themselves with skills to deliver goods more so in subjects like science and maths.Here I want to offer a small suggestion ! All such teachers if, they give an open vent to their feelings to interact through some source, say, media, many in this noble profession may come forward to extend the needed help.A similar expertise sharing programme between the rural general practitioners and the specialists would help improving the rural health scenario beyond comprehension.This is where media must play a role in providing an interacting platform and mere publishing of facts is of not much potential use .The honesty of those intending to improve their mettle needs immense appreciation.Also the elusive triangle mentioned (equality, quality and quantity ) in my opinion, should be applicable to health sector too, more so, in rural areas.The way the teachers maintained the daily diary, introspecting the progress, is indeed a small but simple step worth emulating by all of us including those in prominent positions and corridors of power, an act, which can transform and steer the nation into a coveted global slot.