ico matters

Entire DP is on the payroll of BJP. What do you expect? Just wait and watch how the Crime Branch report is going to be doctored by Home Ministry, where it will be submitted first.

Tomy varghese

Dirty police.... Police have become subservient to modi shah....

Prasun Chaudhuri

Delhi Police is one of the oldest organisations in India and among the best trained police forces globally. It must maintain its professional ethics. It should not allow the media to present evidence contradicting its claims / statements. This is related to firing on students at various locations / universities. Handling student protest is a very special kind of responsibility for any police force. Fortunately, Delhi police is well experienced in handling such issue and was always successful. It is expected that the top brass of Delhi police will maintain highest standard of work culture for all protests and specially student protests. Delhi police must critically review the unethical instructions of political leaders.


A BAD name for A professional force which seems to be politicised and working in A biased manner. Giving free hand to any LAW breaking agencies is A problem for the police force and A time comes when they will loose their reputation and faith of the public. It seems that senior officials of force have accepted some offer of government. If this will continue then nothing will save the democratic rights of people.