Abdullah Qayum

Thanks for sharing such article which helps people to understand the things clearly.


Thanks a lot for an excellent article which in simple words explain NPR and it's connection with NRC. In my opinion, unbridled powers in the hands of buorocracy to decide whether to accept or reject documents, will not only be misused against Muslims, but will also be misused against Local political rivals and their supporters, poltical and rights activists who become thorns for the establishment, trade unionists and many others. Whole nation knows as to how more than 90 % of people arrested under TADA were not even alleged as terrorists, but were activists in various movements. Hence not only Muslims but everyone who respects Right to conscience as inviolable must oppose NPR. I think it is high time to start discussion on how we as citizens in practice oppose NPR , for example by mass असहकार when government machinery knocks on your door. It is also necessary to start active work amongst unions of government employees calling them not to cooperate with government order of collecting NPR data. If employees refuse then government will be completely helpless.