kanwaljit deol

Only 40% or so of the electorate voted for the BJP and its allies in the second term, so it would seem that the larger part of the country does not support this radicalisation. It is sensible to keep this in mind rather than give into fear which is contagious and helps the totalitarian agenda. Incidentally this agenda is also now crystal clear to those who were doubtful earlier or those who allowed themselves to be seduced by slogans about 'vikas'. The one imperative is to stall the juggernaut in the states so that effective opposition can be formulated. For this all opposition parties need to see the writing on the wall and subsume their individual political gains into a strong and challenging common electoral strategy in all state elections. Only then will it be possible to regain some space to seriously debate issues that will determine the future direction of our country.

Amitabha Basu

The onus is on the Hindus to show that they will not be induced into supporting the rabid brand of Hindutva that the Sangh parivar and its acolytes are hell-bent on imposing upon them, and discard religious hatred and prejudices against Muslims and people of other faiths. Only that can stop the descent towards a bigoted, divisive and exclusionary Hindu Rashtra.

Jon Verghese

There are rumours of large amounts of money being sent from foreign countries by Hindus who proudly say this for a Hindu land. Don't they realise that if there is a reaction to their communalism, they will have to leave their country where they are a minority and seek refuge in 'Hindu land'?

Vishal Pandey

india is de factor hindu rashtra

Raj Singh

Surprising when will writer give lecture on Muslim fundamentalism, hindu is one just a backlash to it.

Raja Khan

Unlike neighboring countries like Pakistan or Iran where radicalization was imposed from above, in India it is a grassroots movement which makes it more popular and more dangerous. When India’s largest and most cosmopolitan city is run by a Hindu extremist party for decades, then something is wrong. Even in Karachi the religious parties never get many votes compared to Mumbai.

Ansar SR

India( Bhaarat) is changing to Radicalisation. I couldn’t agree more. It seems fascism is emerging slowly. Atrocities being committed with immunity. I hope wisdom and prudence will prevail for a better happy future.


The extent of radicalisation in our society is to such an extent that no matter how rational a person is he would end with a "...but Muslims are different. They don't mind violence." We have all been brought up with a "them" and "us". They are like this, they eat this, they don't do this...as long as this continue to be the family conversations I believe nothing or little will change. The dislike that had been harboring all these years in the form of stray incidents has now taken an insidious form. How are we to stop this madness and a blatant dislike/hatred for a particular community?

Solayappa Lakshmanan

It is a big worrying question. All Hindus are not toeing the hard line but SILENT. This is causing concern. Youth only can help ,as it appears.

Chintan Dave

I can totally relate your comments and I can understand the social fabric of our nation has "them" and "us" from decades. But I feel that "Acceptance" is the only essential element to resolve this mindset.

varun akavoor

What you told is exactly right. As a first step to stop this, liberal historians have to at least acknowledge the atrocities committed by various Muslim rulers of the past. Also, please don't try to whitewash the violence committed by Muslim rulers as it had nothing to do with religion. It had to do with religion. This is my observation.