V K Gupta

Go for it Deepika. You have proved that you are much more than a pretty face. Wish your industry colleagues will learn from you.

Brijesh Barthwal

Out about 450 central & state universities, unrest is confined to JNU and central government run madarasa viz Jamia & AMU. Skeleton protest by left students union are also observed at few places. Further all injured students return to dharna place after first aid. Inspite of alleged heavy attack, none suffered noticeable injury. And news was spread globally. It puts a needle of suspicion on vested parties. Further it become open secret that elite media is after Modi. Compaigns of Hate Modi during election, anti Article 370, triple talaq, Ram temple & CAA were aggressively staged. Incidentally Pakistan is also staging similar campaign.

Commentsrajaa Raja

My friend Mr. Brijesh, Either you are blind or you are ignorant of facts, or you prefer to appear moronic!! And, according to you, one can either be a supporter of modi or hate him!!! We are neither!!! We don't hate him, nor do we say we don't support him. But, we certainly do not support most of his policies, actions or the trait of being authoritative to the point of no return!!! That does not mean we hate him!!! Or, is it because you have to display hate, as in your hate for the opposition, dissent, etc, that compels you to say that we hate him? Also, Oh, don't be stupid and bring Pakistan into this!!!! We are blooming fed up!! Get it!! And, grow up... talk about China, Our pm, it looks like, that he knows more about, and speaks more about Pakistan than say Kerala!!! Don't wear your idiocracy on the sleeves of your safforn shirt, it shows up blatantly, it also stinks of your mentality And, please get down from your cloud called nine, soil your soft feet, walk the ground, sense the soil, and feel the rush of ground reality!!

ico matters

Strategically very significant. Govt needs to know the people - no matter how high or common - have a right to make up their own minds. Well done Deepika!