Ramana Gove

It is an observed fact that there is a lot of disparity in the emoluments of contractual workers and that of permanent employees for the same work.There is a need to address this gap.Also the version that the workers in unorganised sector including domestic workers need some security after years of gruelling routine holds water as every one wants some respite at some stage.With ever increasing cost of living, it is difficult for many to cope with even basic needs such as edu-care, medicare etc,let alone the luxuries.Apart from the states’ and centres’ action, there is an element of human touch too which should go into the issues, say in the case of the domestic workers where,some concern by the employer for them would mend their standards little.It is time edu-care and medicare are taken care of, for all by the State ,as is said to be case in some developed countries,instead of showering freebies on select few.