Dr. Carmo Costa-Viegas

Nice article.When the Government could not protect the Kashmiri Pandits or its own soldiers from terrorists why is it making a show of protecting non Indians,and that too on religious lines.

karabi sen

Yes, indeed. It is a blessing to see images of warring divisions being abandoned and people coming together in friendship: women and men bonding in unity and affection, different religions and castes respectful and protective of each other, young and old, the educated and the illiterate, the privileged and the unfortunate of all shades alike refusing to be led into unnecessary confusions and contrivances. This awakening is indeed amazing to watch. It is like watching the sun rise, the flower open its petals. Won't the police and the administration quit their fortress separating them from their people, their prison of maya or false perception and join the rest of the country to uplift the life of those who live there, trusting their well-being to the hands appointed by them? If the British, the colonizer, quit, will the Indian government not listen and bow to the voices of its own people? There should be no ego here to overcome. The protestors are extensions of our own selves. If we find it so hard to unite with our own people, to rise above differences within our own family, then how will we ever be successful to conquer differences on the international scene and achieve the humanism that is the foundation of world peace? I urge the "other", the empowered, to take the hand of the those crying out, the seemingly powerless, and find a solution that covers all grounds that are held sacred. Discarding the ego will actually mean not defeat, but a big win of hearts, an expansion.