Love Joy

Don't make fun of Supreme Court, that's dangerous and set wrong precedence on journalism. They deserve our deep respect and obeyed.


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V Selvaraj

SC is not realising it's part of responsibility for the alleged violence by taking bystander/onlooker position. The CJI appears to be living in a 2-3 weeks time lag zone. Where is violence on CAA now ? Are democratic protests to be termed as violence ? How will it stop until a clear decision is given by the court ? Left to guessing, how will the SC judgement be on CAA ? Just look at what kind of judgements SC delivered in all the sensitive cases for over 5 years before 2014 and after 2014 ! Before 2014, judiciary was ruling the Govt. After 2014, Govt is ruling the judiciary. Forgotten the judicial activism and judicial overreach before 2014 ? Whether it is 2 or 3 or 5 or 7 judge bench, how are the judgements after 2014 ? Let legal experts waste their time arguing and reiterating that CAA is against constitution. But be sure: CAA judgement will be in favour of the Govt only. (Indication is already there: The SC didn't/doesn't accept to take the case for immediate consideration. Originally, listed it for abt 2 months later ! Also, the SC had 'revealed' it's mind when it advised the Govt to 'educate' the people about the CAA and even offered to give their help in that task !?) But one thing we can expect: in case the judgement is approving the CAA, fresh protests in bigger scale will erupt !

Rabindra Kumar Das

Retd Chief Justice Indian Supreme Court was proactive and I loved his actions !

Leeba Thomas

SC preparing for stand up