Sachin Savur

Please double check what you pass as facts. Microwaves do not destroy micronutrients. At least provide relevant studies or citations. If not, it's no different from a gossip article. You can't claim to be an expert and write ridiculous claims. We have enough fake and unverified news from the ruling party, as it is

joshua james

How does kitchen and bathroom size affect the nutrient intake and time spend in toilet?

Sunaina Kaw

According to u plastic is not good but all medicine packing,cough syrup bottles, ,oxygen pipes ,syringes and host of other things are of plastic. All baby cough syrups are in plastic bottles. Only single use Plastic is bad as it is polluting the environment by clogging our drains as no proper disposal.

Sandeep Agarwal

I would highly appreciate the article if some references were added for each of the claim that you are making. What's the difference between your article and what's circulate in whatsapp?

Neeraj Soman

Is there a single study to suggest cooking in cast iron provides sufficient trace elements to act as an iron supplement? This is an unscientific and irresponsible claim from someone who claims to be an expert. Please retract this part of the article, or provide a reliable study to back these claims. Beliefs are not sufficient when it comes to public health advice - evidence is necessary.