Dr. Carmo Costa-Viegas

Confusion confounded.

Sanjay Salaria

What about the rights of those who are not part of any protest ? Anyone, who is a nuisance should be debarred. Moreover, don't forget the duties enshrined in the Constitution, and only talk about ones fundamental rights. Don't ask what your country can give you, but tell, what you can do to for the country.

Arun Kant Shukla

Today, in our country, since last 6 years and in particular since Modi 2 has come, all institutions which were to protect the democracy of the country are passing aggressive remarks against the governments and administration just to save their face before the people but when turn comes to give judgment, they do totally against the remarks. All the four so-called pillars of the democracy are cats of the same beg and every time work to save each other. They have no regard for even justice, ethics, what to talk of democracy.