Vikas Sethi

So, the protestors are ´focused´ on preventing India from becoming more like its Islamic neighbour? Not true: The ´in-limbo´ status of people had to be resolved at some point in time, and what other way than documentation test? If the anti-CAA protestors truly wished to do something about the ´statelessness´ possibility of undocumented people, they would spread knowledge about how to get valid documentation! After all, how difficult could getting a valid document be?! That too, over a period of decades?! Rather than protesting on the streets that is always certain to lead to loss of lives - is that wise?

Ashin Paul

We need to understand this better and implement it

Neeraj Kumar Tiwari

Yes their is there are things which are missing words like minorities, religious percussion but it is for the greater good if word being used there will be no scope amendment of Muslims like ahmadias or baloch or any muslims also

Sankara Menon

I do not know the hack's qualification. The poor fellow does not know that the objects and reasons can be read from the BILL and will not form part of the ACT. It is THAT which will be looked into to understand the legislative intent. One needs education to know that. The author seems to lack that. Stressing on the non-issue is what yellow rags and their paid hacks will do to mislead people as part of their activity which is in violation of International humanitarian law.