karabi sen

I fully agree with the conclusion that executions have never eradicated any crime for actions result from environmental impact upon instincts and drives. It is as shameful to demand and celebrate executions as it is to indulge in the crime. We have reached a level of savagery, both as those who rape and those who demand or dance and drink to the executions/public hangings etc., that we have cause to despair if we have anything to contribute to civilization anymore. Instead of introspecting as to what we have done wrong as a society and trying to fix it so that we can find a path to a safe and friendly community, we are are just gorging ourselves on the pleasures of outrage. The words reasonableness, sensitivity, reform, honor, dignity, compassion, mercy mean nothing to us. No amount of grief and anger justifies this kind of an eye for an eye wildness and pitilessness. In the process we are proving ourselves to be no different than other animals, thus showing rape not as inhuman behavior but just as a sample conduct of animals in whose vocabulary rape does not exist.

Paramdeep Singh

I agree with you Ipshita. Patriarchal mindset won't ever allow what you have suggested. Our society at large works like puppets in many basic things. Our religious beliefs also limit the abilities to question the ways we have normalised. Gender bias and flood of songs and products which have limited a women to just an adorable object, are leading to more and more of such acts. Even if one is not converting their desires into actions fearing punishment, doesn't mean women are safe.