Ramana Gove

There is a good reason to believe that social media is one of the most powerful tools in modern times to build up the well being of the planet.Yet,it’s effect on the young minds is one of undesirable outcome in many cases.The difference in the percentage of unhappy members observed between boys and girls,probably relates to greater emotional sensitivity of girls relative to boys.It is a fact that the young brains are quite often overloaded with information on changing fashions, life styles, events of unrest such as mass shootings, homicides,riots,horror and terror,calamities,etc, happening across the globe quite repetitively and the way the mind of a girl responds and reacts to these episodes,naturally must be different from that of boys,at times, driving the individual into a pessimistic mode, which,if protracted and fuelled by aloofness over a time, may turn into depression.One solution is to keep them away from social media but that may not be that easy as people have developed Nomophobia.The other alternative perhaps, is to constantly watch the wards,their emotional changes and imbalances and come to their rescue by a periodic counselling by parents and if needed by psychologists too.

Nima Namgyal Bhutia

Since we have been introduced with one of the men's beautiful invention"mobile phone"and internet the suicide rate has been increased i suppose.look we need to introduced our upcoming generations with nature their importance in life like mountains,rivers sea,forest wild life,taking them for a trekking,adventures,introducing them to wild animals and teaching them how they are connected with our life,out door activities in their free time.That makes us MENTALLY n PHYSICALLY strong and helps us to live our life the way we like,the more we know about nature,the more we inspired.Giving kids anything they want makes them happy for a moment,but doesn't make a strong character,but nowadays kids get depressed if people dint like their social media profile,pics they uploaded on social media platforms,which is like their life depends on other peoples likes or dislikes,they need to know world is so much bigger,so vast,so amazing,so wonderful then the world they came to know from their mobile phone.we need to teach them to believe in themselves,we need to teach them that if you are hurt by someone take it as a lesson and do not get depressed coz i personally feel pain is good coz it teaches us something,all this will help them to differentiate between reality n virtual reality.EVEN SCIENCE IS INSPIRED BY NATURE