Jason Smith

And not everyone dies of old age in Kashmir. Tens of thousands of Kashmiri Muslims have died of the bullets, pellets fired by Indian army, many die from the grief arising from their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, parents being snatched away forever by Indian army. But no filmmaker will make a film on them, no paper will tell their stories just because the victims are Muslims.

Subhadeep Kumar

HIGH writing. I like her control of punctuations through full on ramble Better than Finnegan's Wake

Rabindra Nath Roy

Kashmiri Pandits living in exile as they say are and should be free to go back to where they belonged to. Jammu & Kashmir is now integral part of India though it was earlier to 5Aug'19, too. But there is not existence of J&K state which used to be ruled by the Political parties that did not represent Kashmiri Pandits interest. Now it is a centre ruled territory and Police is under Home Ministry of Modi Govt. it is terrorist free so to say since the day the Art. 370 and sec 35A is abrogated, be it wrong or right but it is so and Narendra Modi brought in foreign representatives earlier too and this time also, whatever the results of their visits it may be, these Pandits are now not minority but one of the Majority community of India where Ajay Bisht the CM of UP where BJP leaders are happy enough that they can buy land make houses marry kashmiri girls. Now these KLashmiri Pandits must not remain in various parts of India and burden themselves of not having situation that is described in this piece of writeup. Why did they go to Shaheen bagh challenging them that they are the minorities instead of joining them they went there to express that they support CAA. So they did not go there to tell their plight of decades but to tell these minorities that you support CAA and why not? Why don't these families go to Amit Shah and ask him how long they would miss what they missing?

Swaroop Shetty

A very unfortunate tragedy that very few Indians can relate to.

Crazy Gamers

30 sal bahut jyadaa nahi hota jitana deatial me aaj batayaa jaa rahaa hai us samay news paper me kun nahi chhapaa 4 laakh panditon ko apna ghar chhodna pada aur us smay news paper me ek din kewal pichhale panne me 4 cm ka is par news chhapa thaa aaj news chainls me puri khabr dekha kar aankh bhar aayi.