Soju John T

I used to watch his videos and used to think such a great personality sad to see him not able to open his eyes beyond the lies fed by bjp

Hamza Rampurawala

A very sensible excerpt. Thanks for being crisp and upto the point.

Yagnamurthy sai saran

You have twisted his statements to make your story. He said that the protestors have every right to protest but burning of infrastructure would send a wrong message.

Albert Devasahayam

Vasudev is a sarkari sadhu. What can one expect from him except to be a spokesperson for the government? But as a godman, how is he able to tell lies?

Satheesh Donthy

Amazon does not pay taxes Tries to extracts large tax credits (millions to billions) from state governments Exploits hourly wage workers Aggressively replacing human labor with robots Driving all other retail and small businesses towards chapter-11 Ex warehouse employees are reporting long term health issues and injuries I know you are looking for an angle to take down Sadhguru. But - I am not sure Amazon is the right kind of Foreign Investment that India needs right now. We need more of Government Reps who will stand up to a Global bully. While you disagree with Sadhguru on everything, at least keep the best interests of India at heart.

Tatineni Prem Kumar

One wonders whether people like Jaggi Vasudev who call themselves spiritual gurus know what they are talking. They talk on every subject without knowing any thing about the issues on which they pontify. They may restrict their advices on matters spiritual rather than on other issues. Many such gurus are proved to be criminals and many are facing various charges. Yet people rush to them and the paid media reports what these foolish gurus talk about as if they are experts on every issue.--- Prem Kumar