Ramana Gove

Well, the narration explains an ideal shift from pure profit orientation business to that of one with a socio economic commitment too. Some of the examples cited such as a good number of employees of Amazon asking the retailer to do more to address the climate change problems, and consumers refusing to buy products from a company working contrary to their beliefs or exerting pressure on the company to comply with commitment to the environmental or social cause, are indeed some moves which are akin to civil disobedience movement.These are indications of mounting awareness on issues like draconian inequality, climate change etc and they are sure to pay dividends.But this kind of awareness has to spread across the globe to bring about the needed change.Just as businesses can’t afford to ignore their customers’ wishes, so do the rulers can’t afford to ignore the wishes of the ruled.Such an attitude would bring justice to the ill fed, the ill read, the deprived and the downtrodden and make this planet a better place for them and whether one calls it capitalism/socialism/humanism or a healthy combination of all,it does not matter much !

Abhijit Mukherjee

It would be great if the corporate could really go beyond shareholder profit. Tragedy of the commons principle would tell us that individuals who would act with conscience lose out to the ones that behave selfishly. Is individual action enough to adress this crisis? Or do we need legislative changes?