Chintan Dave

I agree that reading skills should be developed and nurtured in the new generation. However, I strongly believe that digital reading should not be portrayed as evil. Using phone or tablet should be productive enough to improve your reading habits. Use ebooks, use Kindle or similar Mediums. I think digital age is highly efficient for readers if we know how to use the devices properly and not to get drained in "Social Media".

Ramana Gove

What a whopping drop in the paper based readers in a span of about 35 years from 60% to 16%.But this is understandable too.With the invasion of technology and with the mobile sets glued to the body, one thinks less of going for an elaborate paper reading that too some thing as voluminous as a novel, be it historical or fiction.Probably the principle of least effort goes into this detouring,if we analyse an equal apathy in doing mental calculation by many students even for a two digit multiplication, but preferring to press the buttons on the calculator.This rather strange trend has been gaining momentum over the years.All this apart, reading is a pleasure. Reading improves thought processes and widens one’s outlook.There is no wonder if I say that reading even increases one’s verbal abilities too.In fact it is a nutritious food for the brain.The brain gets nurtured well by good quantum of reading.Since it is difficult to keep the mobile away ,a better alternative would be to let both the paper and screen reading be encouraged.