Vikram Razdan

Surprised at the lack of common sense of the Harvard Univ author in citing stats. On one hand, she says 93% of India's workforce (465 million out of a total of 500 million) is in the unorganised sector, and then says that 250 million (1/5th of India"s population) are trade union members. What a load of BS? Scroll needs to vet the numbers before publishing nonsense.

Amitabha Basu

The author is absolutely right : the protest movement against the CAA-NRC-NPR must join forces with the socio-economic struggles of the workers, farmers and other marginalised sections of the people for a just and egalitarian social order.

Shyamala Balasubramanian

Why is she sitting comfortably in the US and pontificating about all this? Why doesn't she come back here and organize the kind of movement she is advocating, get down into the trenches and get her hands dirty? But I doubt very much if she will. She will continue to preach, like many expat Indians before her, from the comfort of a US perch.