Sanjeeb Majumder

Saheen Bagh so called protest is a warning to Hindus . The veto that Muslims had in government formation till 2014 , the privilege they had from 1950 , inspite of solely responsible for 1947 Partition. These protests & demonstrations are a precursor of demand for an separate Muslim state. Its the demand of time, that Hindus should & will unite to crush these internal anti-India elements.

Amby Jha

History will also remember these election commissions. T N Shesan and some others who followed him had same laws but they showed more activism in controlling nonsense in electoral politics. But last few election commissioners seem to be in cahoots with the government. Very Unfortunate! Same is the case with the highest Judiciary. Some High Courts are showing more resilience than the Supreme Court while checking the arbitrary actions of this communal government. These were the guys who supported the British, along with the Left, during Quit India Movement. But they have become the moral guardians of Indian society, trying to control all aspects of our lives. They were banned by none other than Sardar Patel for their support to Gandhiji's killers. It was Nehru who helped overturn the ban on RSS. But they worship Sardar Patel and turned Nehru, probably the best visionary politician India ever produced till this date, as villain and responsible for everything wrong what has happened to India. It is our fortune that these guys were not there at the time of Independence, otherwise India would have been partitioned into more parts.

Rabindra Kumar Das

Their appointment is via bjp govt at centre ! Obviously they cannot see many a thing !!

Narendra Agarwal

Comments from Anurag Thakur and Parvesh Verma were definitely instigating and EC should have given order for FIR. Unfortunately this term of Election Commissioner will be remembered for many years for not doing justifying their responsibility.