kshiti ranjan das

Most unfortunate

varun akavoor

The interview is unbelievable. So much misinformation and so much polarisation

Sam Aldridge

Nice exposé! but it's so saddening to hear these unquestioning views! Since when did people lose faith in their own judgement that they believe all the hindutva bakwas they hear on TV?? Since when did people start seeing protests as "unpatriotic"?

jp singh

The remarks of Ramesh Gupta " Go and watch TV. Patrakar kiss cheez ke ho, jab kuch pata hi nahi hai" says it all. One side story, rubbish.

Biswanath Kar

Indian electorate is intelligent and can self associate with development agenda (the interview excerpts also suggests so), but this religious hatred is deep rooted and that is where it breaks the heart. Such bigotry was always there but with present BJP regime it has become mainstream and common parlance- people are not ashamed to hold back even if it such discriminatory based on religion. Thank you Supriya Sharma for this honest, brutal, and heart breaking analysis and interviews. Its often told journalist need not show both side of the story but show what is correct, you have done it wonderfully well.

Anant Jain

Supriya...I am a 53 yrs old man and I can tell you that it was always like that. Mistrust, inferiority complex, fear and hate for Muslims was always there among Hindus since time immemorial. I don't know if the feeling is mutual. There never was and can never be love between two communities. What was during Congress rule and at best can be hoped ever is a "power balance" between the two. Rest is all wishful thinking.