Bhupal Singh

'Half knowledge is dangerous.' BJP should clean their conceptualized mind that consuming meat is included in Ayurveda. Remember Veda about life apart from religion. One can pursue Religion by keeping the body alive & healthy.

varun akavoor

Majority with a minority complex. This was the same thing I was discussing with my friends.

arun g

When did BJP say it hates Biryani. It just said what is happening at Shaheen Bagh. Don't know why that is a problem. Many BJP leaders like VP Venkaiah Naidu are Biryani and meat eaters. No one said anything against them. It is because of these twists people start taking hardened views.

Vinay Tandon

The funny thing is that while biryani might be wrongly labelled "Mulsim dish" (like Urdu), the variety and versions one can relish are astonishing. In my travels all over the country i've tasted biryani - mutton or chicken - and no two dishes of biryani were the same but thoroughly enjoyable; just like the marvelous diversity of our country and its cuisine!

Stephen Billings

The BJP hates anything that the Muslims have done for India. It is very sad that this government is acting as if Muslims do not exist in India!