MaMan Da

Who the hell are protesters to block public roads and create inconvenience to the public?

Vinod Soni

in my opinion all protester must be taken to custody and try to find out who is behind this demonstration.

Valerian Menezes

If the traffic is blocked because of dharna the police could very well provide alternate routes. Why blocking them? This shows the scant regard the police and the govt establishment has for the protesters and their cause.

Shubhru Gupta

Why is every article trying to find fault with police while glorifying protestors! This is a superficial analysis, without really understanding ground realities or quantum of traffic that moves along the blocked road that cannot be diverted to alternate routes being suggested here. Shame on protestors and its supporters for dodging their responsibility, encroaching upon and vandalizing public property including signage, which is being glorified as protest art. Shame, absolute shame.

Rahul Kumar

Stop lying, don't do biased journalism