Srinivasan N. Iyer

It cannot be denied that her personal Anguish due to the denial of OIC status to her son. But the variousBills passed and proposed as announced by the Home Minister not directly affecting just one particular religious community. Despite our Constitution, serious steps have been taken or proposed to target a particular religion who have been loyal and legal citizens of our country

Rahul Sharma

Dear Tavleen, ur son pretends to know more abt Modi than his Pakistani father who was a Governor in Pak, this thot is a lame excuse to defend his lie in POI papers!!! Ur son lied abt his Paki Father's nationality not coz of ignorance but for obvious reasons. His upbringing is very much reflected in his article he wrote abt Modi!! Ur attempt to link his LIE being caught abt his Paki Father & his filthy article abt Modi is nothing more than an old Congress habit of 'Murder & play Victim'...aware India was able to catch ur game there. Ur entire article can b punctured on various misrepresentation of facts n pure concoction of lies but...when Scroll pushes ur narrative, India is sure where it originates from 😉. None of u r as innocent as ur try to pretend!

Ramesh Sambasivan

I have always admired Tavleen Singh for her guts and her articles were thought provoking. May be some of the things she has mentioned is true but then majority is far from truth. India has a long drawn Corrupt Congress rule and to really change things is an Herculean task. After all one thing is true he is not corrupt and has a control over his colleagues in this matter. Politics in India is dirty and it will never end as long as people do not realise.Mahatma Gandhi has left a legacy which has been misused. One thing is certain we are not going to be better of with Modi may be but we sure will be worse of with Congress.

Krishna chatuvedi

The real problem was her son from Pakistani father Atish hid his fathers nationality when applying for OIC card, an infringement of law. Doe she want a separate law or an exception to the law just because both of them are privileged journalists? Ignorance of law is no excuse.

Ramesh Pai

She has become venomous after her son's OCI card was cancelled. Journalist who changes arritudes on personal reasons are the lowest of the yellow ones.


Once tavleen Singh was bitter critique of gandhi parivar........since their charisma has been gradually declining, she started writing all bad that could have gone wrong with modi after her son was deprived of oci status......was his father not a pakistani national? Law of the land was upheld..... what's the issue? Gone are those days these left liberals will shape our they are feeling the heat since they have been challenged

Sanjay Gupta

Well if your views change just because your son's OIC status has been changed then you are not a journalist and your views are biased. If you feel it has wrongly done then you have the Indian Judicial system at your disposal and you can fight it legally. If you views change on the basis of your personal agendas then you were never a journalist but just an opportunist

Vinod VR

Facts are so twisted here to show case an agenda. It's clear that you people have a devious agenda. Gandhi himself told to grant citizenship to minorities if they face persecution in Pakistan. This was poll promise of BJP and when people elect them they are bound to implement the poll promise. Regarding Owaisi every one how communal they are when they attacked Taslima Nasreen on live TV and his choota brother spewing venom on campaign after campaign. Regarding NRC supreme Court directed Rajiv Gandhi government during Assam Accord to have a nation wise NRC but as always they couldn't. Taslima Nasreen rightly said Indian secular's are real cowards as they have guts to criticize Hindus and Modi-Shah. But never the minority atrocities like so many suicide bombing or for the matter Kashmiri Pandits Exodus. If both Pakistan and Bangladesh are Islamic countries then where will Hindus go. What the left has done is to kill the persecuted in Marichjhapi Massacre of Bangladeshi Dalits. Modi is saving them and we see humanity in him now and stop masquerading his character with your in born prejudices and deep desire to hog the limelight.

Qursheed Qursheed

"But I had no idea that it would affect me personally until one fine day" Yes Madam, most of us are like you, turning a blind eye to what this party & it's supreme leader doing to integrity of the country, unless it started affecting ourselves!!! Now don't say that you weren't aware of these intensions, you chose simply to shut your eyes as it weren't harming you personally, your saying only suggests you were least bothered when it harmed others.

Joyel Pious

Until they are personally affected, many people will keep supporting him

Deepak Ranade

Ms. Singh, You have mentioned "Neurnburgh" trial. Are the persecuted Sikhs and Hindus of Pakistan any less than the Jews who suffered in the Holocaust? Are Muslims of Pakistan less than Nazis when it comes to killing, forcibly converting minority groups? Please do not feign ignorance when it comes to shielding your son. It was his duty to furnish correct data and if it was difficult to gather the information it had to be done diligently. If the law is applied you should not call the government vindictive. If muslims of India are against the CAA law, where were they when Kashmiri Hindus were made refugees in our own country? Where was your voice when hindu girls were and are being targeted in Pakistan? Look at the law from Indian perspective, not from Pakistani perspective. If muslims are persecuted anywhere in the world be sure it is Not in India. And why can't any Muslim country adopt all the poor, persecuted people of their own faith herself? Why are you putting the onus on India? I don't expect an answer anyway. People at your dizzying height don't pay any attention to common people and their point of view. Plus simplest of the questions are most difficult to answer.


I am deeply pained to note the suffering that the author is personally undergoing, but has nevertheless with composure and dignity cautioned her countryfolk to beware of the foundation-wrecking changes going on around them. Sympathies for her son and salute to her martyred ex-husband whose sacrifice she has touchingly narrated.

Manjit Singh

I had gone through your article in my view you are not covering all aspects. This government had made many positive changes which you failed to describe. Let me give you only one example. Many of my known persons have got mudra loans and are earning and giving employment to others. You in my view is sperading negativity in public. Please also consider university's which you have mentioned what is their idealogy what. They pepole say. Are they people nationalist? Much to say in this regars....

Hemant Sharma

Reading through excerpts vivid as you write with honesty and prurpose had had the oozing stoic silence till your personal sanity found at crossroads wish Modi you, We all look at epitome to pick threads from your book to weave a better India and the world he would cherish to weave Best Compliments


To write a book. It will take years, Hope I need not to explain that; the book which we had already (after independence) was full of corruption and favouring only the netas, which we realised only after 50 years. All things cannot be changed overnight. But people are expecting that; Like the ruling party the opposition should also be a kind which looks for nations improvement. The debate and discussion should happen for analyzing the positive and negativity of an issues. But today our opposition are not concentrating on that, their intrest is to regain the power. For eg; We have planted a tree 50 years ago, thinking that it will reap fruits,gives oxygen and shadow. Which in turn hadn't have anything after sucking water from us till 50 years. Now we have planted a sapling, for that we are keenly watching what fertilizer and pesticide to be used. Once its reaches the riping stages come, it will yield fruit. This is my views and understanding pattern of many youths. certain old procedures are abolished, which spoils our nation's vision. Only when the vision is clear we can hope. Till these days we have no vision, now we are getting cleverer to check that. I am not arguing that modi ji should be prime minister, but the way he takes us is criteria. We have been embraced whenever our earlier goes like a sweet doll. Now we INDIAN's are gearing up for a new dominant INDIA, which is half way . Pl wait for future.

Mahesh Chandra SATI

We should have accountability to nation.Whatever we got ,we got from social environment of nation.We should owe to nation.Before Modi this factor was missing.He deserves Thanks. We don't need a noisy&chaotic India.We have been considered by plunderer's as cowards.We are now getting self respect. I don't agree with idea's mentioned in your book.

Narasimham Prabhala

Like you, I too believed that Modi becoming the PM was the best thing to have happened for India. Though some of the things of late have been disturbing me, I was inclined to giving him the benefit of the doubt because I always believed that he was a true nationalist and his slogan, sab ka saath, sabka vikaas our sabka vishwas was indeed his motto. I don't say I am disillusioned but I am somewhat confused and feel that he should introspect and make sure that he is ruling the country in the same spirit.

Kashif Ali

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Parag Desai

Ms. Tavleen, Many hoped that Dynasty politics ended, however it took several years, infact it's not ended yet. Humility of Modi & Shah that you are claiming to have vanished is the result of how one gets treated. People like Owaisi are the real parasites, they supported the movement of forming an islaamic nation, but never went to Pakistan, infact they stayed back to create another one back here. If you are finding the current democracy intolerant, then so be it, it's been long overdue, if you feel that muslims are not safe in India, then they should revisit their past, correct themselves & book their safety or take asylum in any of the available 55 islaamic countries & practice their religion freely there. A Nation has to face a collateral damage whenever a new part comes to power. When people like you talk in a language of divide "Hindu & Muslims", then you have no right to utter the word called democracy. There cannot be religious laws that succeed over the law of land ! If hinduttva & hindu raashtra is the agenda of BJP, that's the way it should be ! We should not dance to the tunes of cultures that want to dominate us, we are not here to dominate anyone, but any infiltration & domination of any external culture should not be tolerated, such cultures should be kicked out immediately, as far as your son is concerned, it shows that BJP is very serious about Hindustan being a hindu raashtra, for people who assume they are pure, Pak is already created for them. Parag Desai

Rabindra Nath Roy

Tavleen Singh being an efficient writer and a journalist I have been reading her one and all articles that appear in Indian Express and one needs to understand as to what drove her motive to support Modi all the while till one day when her son Aatish Tasheer wrote an article that was printed in Times magazine that gave it a title ' India's divider - in- Chief'. A brilliant exposure of Modi which Tavleen Singh missed in Modi till then. I have also seen a documentary in Aljazeera ' searching for India's Soul' which Tasheer made of India. A brilliant work and a brilliant writer with insight into the issues that he deals in. One must be proud of Tasheer but one must doubt if his mother Tavleen Singh also felt the way that Tasheer wrote about Modi and India ? But till the time that OCI card was ceased from Tasheer Tavleen Singh was not seen speaking the way she used to. However, telling truth never mind later is much better than supporting the lies that Modi and Amit Shah symbolize. Congratulations Tavleen Singh.