Akshay Deshmukh

We need more articles like this to avoid spreading hate and propaganda politics.

Arvind BaagDe

Why doesn't the agreived file defamation suits against this rogue of b.j.p.

john tarun

Will someone file a defamation case for maligning nehru n family against malk via for 109 crores. Bewakoof joomla pagals havelots of money which they hope to take with them like jetlee sushma manohar ananth george munde mahajan etc. Lies(oral murder n character assasination) , double standards and hypocrisy and u turns guarantees curses for four generations and hellfire as per garuda purana shastra and galatians and deuteronomy 27-29 & revelation. God is not mocked or fooled like blind fanaticks. Karmam phalam guaranteed.