Syed Aboobacker Pookoya Thangal

This has nothing to do with Kovind-17 or Covid-19!

mohammad aafaq

Voice needs to be raised instantly against the move otherwise it will be a massive blow on the face of india.

Haseeb Khan

as mentioned in the write up that help us and we will take care of you later or simply if you toe our line you will be rewarded and if you do not we will punish you

Srinivasa Mittinti

One more 'shining' example is Justice Baharul Islam, who was an Indian politician and Judge of the Supreme Court of India. He was elected to the Rajya Sabha, upper house of the Parliament of India as a member of the Indian National Congress and in 1972 he resigned from the Rajya Sabha to became a judge in the Gauhati High Court after he retired as chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court he was recalled and made a Judge of the Supreme court which was unprecedented!! He gave a Judgement in the case absolving the then Congress Bihar Chief Minister Jagannath Mishra in the urban cooperative bank scandal and later resigned from the Supreme court to contest elections as a Congress party candidate and was elected to the Rajya Sabha!!

Srinivasa Mittinti

For your kind information, former Chief Justice Ranganath Misra was also a Rajya Sabha member and he was elected on a Congress party ticket!! It is of interest to also note that he was the sole member of the Misra Commission of Inquiry into the 1984 anti-Sikh riots which gave the Congress party a clean chit!!

kshiti ranjan das

Credibility of the highest judiciary is at stake. His Ayodhya judgement was a clear case of judicial collusion with the views of the dominant political group.

Udaya Bose

The party in power is working to a definite agenda which aims to restructure the Indian republic. Undermining all institutions is a necessary pre-requisite to the execution of the agenda.

Mazafar k Khan

This is the last nail in coffin of integrity and independence of judiciary. People had lost faith on this institution and if something is not done and done in hurry this los of faith will assume a perpetual character

suriya kumar

Legislature and bureaucracy have joined hands since long (even before 2014). BJP has already compromised media. Now it is working on judiciary! So legislature has undermined all the pillars of democracy. Message to judiciary is loud and clear! A new low for our democracy!