Abhinav Shah

I was about to buy the premium subscription for "award winning Journalism" and then i saw this

Aa Dd

the movement only succeeded in the heads of so called activists otherwise a spectacular failure for rest of the normal indians.

Vishal Pandey

not a single line about muslim extremists, they were presented as Nobel but in reality they are savages.they get Pakistan and Bangladesh and stayed in india. they have problem with minorities from neighbouring countries getting citizenship . Islam is a curse to humanity.


Honestly, the whole article showcases only the plight of Muslims since so called independence. It does not even attempt to delve into details of why protests were even required. It is a disconnect from the present, just like hindus protesting for Babri demolition hundreds of years ago. The pretext that it is a protest against all that has happened to them for so many years does not hold salt. India can be repaired, it has been resilient. But what about Kashmir that has been irreparably damaged? No life is worth losing for whatever reason....