jayakarthik sabarathnam

We hindus won't take anything lieing down.we dont care about international opinion


Hindus can never become fanatical like other organised religions. The forgive but will never forget -the atrocities done to them over centuries. The authors subscribe to the Western agenda - good for them! Hinduism survived for centuries pre dating the formation of organised religion and will survive this propaganda of the liberal intellectuals

Tushar Dhrolia

India is being turned into a religious Facist Country , you can learn from most of comments given below , these and lakhs of like them jump in to abuse and call anyone anti national if the rulers of India are called Religious Facist , they are completely intolerant and inflexble when it comes to facism , they don't hear the truth far less see it , the truth is what they have made up .

Santosh kumar

my humble request please...don't entertain these NRI's settled abroad...let them worry about what's happening in their adopted country...our Country is not perfect but definitely by and large no one is anti Muslim. Every one is equal here and everyone faces the same problems here(ofcourse excluding politicians)

Sanjoy Bose

How could one say that in India peaceful minorities are being attacked? Fact is that minorities, specifically radical Muslims are continuously fomenting troubles in the name of peaceful protests, while causing enormous problems and monetary losses to the public at large. It may be noted that the ISI & ISPR of Pakistan have planned for implementing a 5th generation war on Indian state through their agents, like fundamentalist Muslim groups, student organisations and the Imams/Moulvis of thousands of Masjids/Madrasas spread all over India. Thus, it is not surprising that all the violent incidents are happening in exclusively Muslim shanties or Muslim majority areas only, while the Muslims living in non Muslim areas are absolutely safe and secure.

TK Ramkumar

It's Intolerance Of Opposition Instigated Minority Community Against A Successful International Figure As PM Of India Is Most Damaging.

P Rajagopalan

All these people of Indian origin living and working abroad should not be allowed to visit India and also their articles which is doing more harm than good should not be published. More than other national writers, these so called indian origin people are damaging the reputation of our great country.

Vik D

Excellent article demonstrates pointless symbolism VS actual democracy and impotent governance

Syed Ali

Well observed precisely said the reality


Shameless, baseless And senseless scoundrels who doesn't know a thing about our country can only write this nonsense. WTF? Brutal treatment of minorities? Shame on you, who ever wrote this article. Show me any other country on this mother Earth that treats minorities so well? You are mentioning about Islamic countries, right? What the hell are they doing with their minorities there? No one in the world gave a damn regarding the anti CAA protests other than the educated fools like you. Stop spreading this hatred and putting our country down for your self goals and benefits. Shame on you. Jai Hind

Aho Bilam

There is no demand... so if the companies say we dont need the people, where will they go? Key is to understand that the current economic situation has not been caused by capitalists..but it owes its origin to a leftist country-kinsmen of scroll. Just looking at things from one viewpoint will ensure there are no jobs... working a little extra is not an issue and the market will decide when demand for labor comes back and then you can call the shots. At the moment, lie low, get work, save yourselves to live another day should be what you should be talking..that you are not doing it proves you are not behaving in the interests of the labor class.

Libia Hung

Narendra Modi's soft power is ever growing stronger. Jai Hind!

vishwas wadekar

There are no anti muslim rhetoric in India. Scroll is a channel which is spreading hatred.

MC Sanwal

Why is the western media so anti Hindu? There appears to be a clear and consistent bias toward Hindus, the most peaceful people in the world. They are very stubbornly united in this not listening to the Hindu voices in the west and in India itself.

Zamir Ahamed

You people can purchase MLAs but not the international media. They are very well concerned about the pros and cons unlike Indian media

Balasubramanian V

There is no dearth of traitors abroad. These writers are writing to further their Pakistani Agenda or maybe they are funded by dubious organisations in the US.