Ali Khan

A fruitful, informative and encouraging article. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Hope people would read it and understand the true teachings of hizmet movement and Islam

Suhail A.

The feeling of peace and brotherhood is what we right now, and dialogue is the key to that. The dialogue between the spiritual leaders of the world, dialogue between the intellectuals, dialogue between the different sects of the society.

Jahangir Farooqui

The Hizmet movement is the need of the hour for the Muslim community at the present time. Their views of Islam is very much in sync to what the world inspires which is love and respect for all human kind irrespective of their faith and belief. Mr. Gulen is a gem of the world whose teaching must be treasured and practiced for the greater purpose of humanity and world peace.

Naseem Akhter

Very nice article sir to promote peace and brotherhood

Bahadur Chaudhry

Very good article, thanks mr Kulkarni

Yaseen Malik

Great understanding of Hizmet movement. Sir you have beautifully summerised the Hizmet movement and its teachings and understanding of Islam. I hope to see more such articles from you!

Abdurrahman As

Great Thanks for this voice

sevket cikmaz

Thank you for introducing Mr. Gulen and his works to us.

md imam faizan

Nice perspective.

sabahudin rustami

Mr. Gulen showed us the real and practical way for a better life. A life without violence and full of tolerance....

Jacob Davidson

Very insightful

Kemal Akça

Great 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻