Subhasis Ghosh

Even a certified Modi baiter like Shekhar Gupta has backed the labour related ordinances of UP government. Unfortunately The Wire, Scroll In etc are stuck in the labour policies of 1960s to 1980s. As an economic refugee from West Bengal I exactly know what Shri Rohan Venkat does not.

roshan d

It is definitely a good write and documentation of the past evils against the present one. The Central Government has on multiple events proved it is incapable of managing the magnitude of governance required. They may have blundered a state but now a country with Jhoomla as a key proponent is not the solution. But what we need to focus on are possible solutions too. What can the government do to attract investors? While yet protecting the labourers who are abused for all purposes? If labourers are the ones who are taken advantage off, are not the investors also taken advantage of with taxes and strikes by the unions? In an interview on NDTV Raghuram Rajan, stated that businesses are not willing to come to India because of the fear that people will file false cases against them and they will spend more in the case than building business. Labour is only a part of the problem. Taxes, law and regulations for investors to come to India are also a part of the equation why most businesses are hesitant to invest in a country like India. They have alternatives of Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and other possibilities of cheap labour, relaxed laws and more importantly ease of doing business.


The Political Fix: Why are Indian states junking labour laws in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis? Dear Mr Venkat - In the above article published by you, it is mentioned that, RSS is the parent organisation of BJP, which is not true at all. There is no official link between two organizations. Hence please do not misguide the people by writing such things. Thx, Jitendra

Harshawardhan Joshi

Labour laws are so regressive in India that it is impossible to run a business without bribing labour inspector even if you follow all the rules. Whatever is the reason, It’s a welcome change.

rabi kumar pandey

For me, The Political Fix has become a mandatory weekly reading. Many thanks to you, Rohan Venkat.